Samsung USA Unlock + Unfreeze Code SLOW (1-2 DAYS)

Popular models: ATT Galaxy S II LTE i727, Tmobile Galaxy S II, T499, T759, Sidekick 4G T839, etc Supported!




NCK: is network unlock code


MCK: is defreeze code


SPCK: is service provider code




THIS IS REFUND REQUIREMENT in case code does not work (Problematic Models T959, T959V, T839)


Customer should be warned beforehand that if they have tried a free tool or modified the phone from original factory settings that code may not work.


For Android video refunds:


Please make sure customer has all these:


1. Clear video showing about info: menu->settings->about phone


2. Sim card clearly being inserted.

3. Network code being inputted

4. Freeze being inputted

5. Provider and Subnet codes being inputted.

Please upload video to megavideo/youtube.

Please do not order if you do not agree. Unfortunately supplier does not refund us easily and have taken losses for prior videos.

ALSO. T669, T919 Unfreeze is not supported

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